3D Logic By Daniel Nest

Back in Ukraine, when we were kids, my friend and I always came up with dubious ideas to keep ourselves entertained.

One such idea was inspired by a short documentary on shadow theatre we saw together. Immediately after watching it we decided to set up a makeshift shadow theatre at home. I'll let you make your own jokes about two guys finding shadow theatre exciting.

It didn't take us long to move from concept to implementation. Within minutes we were busy setting up a cardboard box to serve as the stage, finding a lamp to provide a source of light and gluing together sheets of paper to act as a projection screen.

Finally we moved on to cutting out the shadow puppets themselves. After an hour or so of cutting the shapes out of paper we had a pretty decent assortment of various 2D figures of humans, animals and inanimate objects. We were almost ready.

Looking over our collection of paper figures my friend shook his head and said, thoughtfully:

"Looks good, but now we'll have to make the 'side-view' versions of most of these."

I gave my friend a long stare and, in a patronising tone of voice, said the following:

"Dude, why the hell would we bother making 'side-view' versions when we can just turn these ones sideways instead?!"

Yeah...I'm not proud of myself.

in Kharkov, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine


A Ukrainian guy who lives in Denmark and runs an English humour blog: Nest-Expressed.com.

I also freelance. You can find my work on Cracked.com, Listverse.com, TopTenz.net and other places online.

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