Featured Stories of the Week

“There’s two guys beating up a woman!”

Once when I was about 20 years old, I was in a dark nightclub with a friend who was a pretty hard-nut kind of guy. On arrival I went straight to the bar to order drinks and there I was bumped by a 'woman' who was about 6’ 8” tall. The giant apologized and I replied in a witty way, “That’s alright

Brad Oakes


It's so much fun in our house

I am playing a game with my housemate, one that she isn't aware that we are playing. It’s a fun game that has so far lasted over 3 months while we have been living together.

Each morning after she has left for work, I tilt 2 or 3 of the paintings she has hanging in the lounge room. Each afternoon she will come home & straighten them up again.



My Worst Ever New Year’s Eve

It was twelve years ago.

In the month before, I’d broken up with my second serious girlfriend.

In the week before, I’d been involved in a team kayak race that finished on NYE in Swan Hill.

At 9pm on NYE I got chatting to a girl in a pub. My teammates left. I stayed. Then the girl left. Alone.

Xavier Toby