Featured Stories of the Week

Do Not Say This in Japan

I’d just arrived in Japan and was meeting my host family for the first time. After I’d introduced myself, and they’d introduced themselves, we fell into an awkward silence.

It seemed my Japanese was as bad as their English, and we were struggling to find something to say.

Michael Connell


Making A Move

This is a modern day tale of lust, and of the taking of chances and, ultimately, of catastrophe. Our hero is a young gentleman of whom I have known for some time. A scholarly lad; tending to be somewhat backwards in coming forwards, noticeably so when it comes to womenfolk.

Andrew Keen


Thankfully lost in translation

During our visit to Ihla Bela (in Brazil), my wife and I decided to check out a beach where this secluded surfing community lives. This place (Porto Bonete) is totally isolated, not accessible by car and is so small it's not on Google Maps!

We set off on our 10km walk through the beautiful na

Luke Simmons


Why is it called bytestories?

This is a place for "byte-sized" stories and there is a 1500 character (about 250 words) limit for two main reasons. Firstly, we want you to know that "War and Peace" isn't required to leave your mark. Secondly, it takes about 2 minutes to read each story meaning you can head here whenever you want a quick (and entertaining) read.