Parents are always right, damn it. By Adsy

Remember as a kid when your parents told you not to do something because they knew what would happen, but you did it anyway, realised they were right all along, and then you need to hide your stupidity from them?

This happened to me one summer holidays. A mate and I wanted to go to the town dam and shoot the plover birds with his air rifle which we had been told not to do. His little brother caught us leaving and was going to tell his parents if we didn’t let him come along to go fishing. We were on one side of the damn while my mates brother was on the other fishing.

My mate, being 11yrs old and full of fun said “Let’s scare him by shooting a bullet in front of him”. He lined it up and fired. The bullet hit the water and must’ve ricocheted off because we saw his little brother hold his head and fall to one side. The dam wall was about 6 inches wide, with a 5ft drop either side. We ran all the way around to him, where we found his head bleeding with a pellet stuck in it and his brother crying. We hastily dug it out with a rusty fishing knife and washed it off with some water. We all made a promise not to tell anyone so none of us got into trouble for being somewhere we shouldn’t be, or one of us getting hurt like we were told would happen. I had much more respect for his little brother after that, but we still wouldn’t let him hang out with us.

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Small time gal from a country town. Wait, no that isn't right, but what the hell it's more interesting than anything else I have.

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