Nature stories

Charity case walk

It was a charity event at work - our task; scale Ben Nevis. Simple. In many ways it was (for me) not so much for some others though....

Liam Fleming

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The World Has Cancer! A TRUE STORY

Doc: Hello Mr Earth. Thanks for coming. Got your results back. It's not good I'm afraid... You have Cancer!...

Stu Pop Fisher

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Beware of the Bright Green Screeching Snipers

Australia has more than its fair share of deadly critters. We have poisonous snakes and spiders, man-eating crocodiles and even a cute little monotre...

Andy Thompson

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Elephants Never Forget

Lawrence Anthony's book "The Elephant Whisperer" describes the relationship he formed over some years with a group of traumatised elephants....

Deb Williams

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I’ve always been fascinated by nudists. It isn’t the wobbly bits that intrigue me (yeah, okay, maybe a little) but the driving force behind the compulsion to walk around naked in public....

Andy Thompson

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Let Sleeping Koalas Lie

It’s widely known that Australian wildlife is dangerous. In actual fact, most native Australian animals spend more time plotting your demise than eating and procreating....

Andy Thompson

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