To be the best version of yourself By Citadin du Monde

That phrase has come to me recently…I recalled my eighteenth when I felt myself the most confident. I was in a good shape, involved into the students’ activities, my grades were high. I was satisfied with all that. In addition, I had an attention of the coolest guy at my university which is not the final goal,but affected my self-estimate of those times. Today when years have gone, I still want to come back to this eighteen years girl,who was strong enough to not listen to anyone,to hold own opinions and views regardless. Under the pressure of circumstances and people’s influence, I’ve been told that I’m not right,my standards are too high,I demand and expect too much and,finally, I am so stubborn,so I don’t give people a chance. So, I’ll be forever alone with all my principles. Surprisingly, it affected me at some point. Not the fear to remain alone,but the possibility to attract something new,maybe better,to my life if I give up on some of my views. Yeah,that action changed my life. It touched my appearance,my inner state,my brain…I was pulled into humiliating relationships without even understanding that they really are. I already didn’t realize where I am, who I’m dating and whether it normally or not. Just after a time after breaking up, I’ve come to the conclusion that the relationships were a disaster, that I forgave too much, I tolerated too much…and, eventually...full story you can read here


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