But it said Unisex By Tina Gale

On our way back home today we stopped on the Western Highway as I needed to go to the loo and fancied a coffee. Into the BP service centre I found the door to all toilets and showers.

Unisex toilets, oh really, whatever! It had a female and male on the door. As I walked into the loo I noticed the urinals.

Sheesh, lucky a bloke wasn't having a wee. Bit off really!

I went into a cubicle and noticed men's feet in thongs in next cubicle. He completed what he went there for, left and didn't wash his hands!

I completed my mission, washed my hands and left quickly, no time to dry them.

I rechecked the door! Unisex showers, but in fact 2 male symbols on toilet door.

How embarrassing!

I'd used the men's toilets.

Lucky a man wasn't peeing!

Lucky lucky lucky.

I am still blushing but laughing about my error!

in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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