Another baby poo story.... By Tina Gale

Our first baby hadn't been home from hospital many days. Her grandparents came to visit.

When she awoke I went to her room, popped her on the change table, removed her nappy, folded and applied a new nappy and took her to the lounge to cuddle with her Grandies.

Her Daddy went back to her bedroom and scooped up the soiled nappy, or so the tale goes.

Her Daddy returned to the lounge, nappy in hand and chastised me for leaving the soiled nappy in her room,

He opened the nappy, smelt the contents, 'smells like poo, looks like poo' and picked up the contents. He then bit into the lump and said 'tastes like poo too'.

Poor Grandies were speechless.

He actually bit into it!

Peanut butter, a baby poo looking lump!

in Frankston South, Victoria, Australia


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