I'm Not A Thief By Steven Morgan

Yesterday I'd been tasked with going to a bookshop to buy some maps for an upcoming holiday going in a 4WD from Broome to Darwin. I wasn't sure which map to get so I stood in the shop taking photos of the relevant sections in the maps to send to my wife at home to make sure I got the right one. While I was doing this, a shop assistant came up to me and asked if I was gonna buy the map.

I was mortified. I tried to explain what I was doing but bumbled the words out as I was caught unawares making it sound like I was lying even though I wasn't. The guy just looked at me like I was a criminal and walked off.

I ended up buying a map to prove I wasn't just stealing map contents even though it wasn't the one I wanted. Now I've got to go back there next weekend to return it.

in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


I’m a musician, comedian, improviser, writer and IT consultant. Only one of those things makes any money.

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