The Dream Roll blog 2 part 2 By Richard Colman

I am very lucky to be in a wheelchair - as I believe I wouldn’t have had these opportunities otherwise.

But with such a hard schedule it does take a toll on the body, but the good news is that there is so much you can do to give yourself the very best chances.

When you have a schedule like this, you prepare fully for it. Do the correct training, full warm ups and cool downs, ice baths, which every athlete loves, but they do help and it’s worth the short term pain of 10 mins in the ice bath to be able to train hard the next day or recover from a tough marathon.

Athletes have to look at everything - not just on the track, but off it as well.

They have to look at their nutrition and hydration, and to make sure they are sleeping correctly and are getting enough sleep to help the body recover.

All the little things make a huge difference, even if they seem like they don’t or don’t seem worth the effort. Just that one little thing can make the difference between winning and coming 8th.

So, til next time, keep chasing your dream as I continue the search around the world for the Dream Roll.

in Australia and USA


World and Paralympic Champion Wheelchair track athlete. Lover of all sport and traveling to new and wonderful countries. Mentor of new and developing athletes. Searching the world for the dream roll.

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