Swearing and Suppressed Anger. By Rachael McGimpsey

A friend told me that swearing in casual conversations is a form of suppressed anger, she may be right. Then I thought, hell, I swear in casual conversations? Do I have some form of suppressed anger? My next thought,was, this could make an interesting self-talk session, because that is the way my mind works, scary, I know.

So, do you think swearing in causal conversation is a sign of repressed anger?

Hell, no it is just away of expressing one's self ,damn it!

Well, it seems you are a little angry.

Listen, you, you are starting to piss me off!

I rest my case.

You, have no case, people just say this kind of shit and I am tired of your simpleton answers.

Then why all the hostility?

Because, YOU are getting on my last nerve with your idiotic notions, damn you!

I think I am seeing a pattern

Well, yippee for you! I think it is a bunch of damn nonsense.

You, like that word, "damn" don't you.

Yes, I sure the hell do, what is that to you, quit talking bullshit.

You, know we really do need therapy , don't we? That and heavy medication.

Who the hell are you to tell me..oh, wait you are me..I think you just might have a point.


Hate bios! I am a wife, mom, and writer. Currently going back to school, because at over 40, why not? I would make something more fantastic up, but you have not given me enough characters.

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