School blues. By Rachael McGimpsey

I enrolled in school last year at 44, why the hell not?

The first year I was lulled into a false security by getting almost all A's and a couple B's.

"Boy, I am smarter than I thought!", I thought.

My high school teachers, family, and random strangers were wrong! I'll show them!!

Then this year I got a "D" in Sociology.

I pulled this remarkable feat off after getting almost all A's for the entire class.

How? You might well ask, puzzled.

Well...I turned my final in. At least I thought I had. What I turned in was my notes.

When I checked my grades, two weeks later, a big zero was on my final paper and a warning against plagiarism, seems I had also sent an article clearly not written by me, one I had used in my research.

The class had ended and I was too late to resubmit.

I, however, did manage to escape any plagiarism charges.

But, went on to such glory as forgetting to submit an assignment in my media class and turning in two late assignments, because I forgot those, too. Earning me a mediocre "C".

At least those are grades my high school teacher's would recognize.

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Hate bios! I am a wife, mom, and writer. Currently going back to school, because at over 40, why not? I would make something more fantastic up, but you have not given me enough characters.

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