A 15hr train journey in the wrong cabin - Part 2 By Nick Bennett

This was getting unbearable. I couldn't move or leave my seat and even if I did, I couldn't be certain that my bag or seat would be there when I returned. Toilet break. I say toilet, it was a large hole in a room. 'Space at last I thought - fuck you China, I'm winning now' I screamed as I danced maniacally around the hole / room - ignoring the putrid stench of years of filth that had been ignored.

I was getting hungry, I'd already left my chair and my bag was there on my return. 'Fuck it' I thought, I'm getting some beers and rice. I couldn't speak a word of Chinese, so acted out the food / beer I wanted. To my surprise the cabin found this amusing. And I had cards in my pocket.

After ten minutes I'd bought the whole carriage beers and we were all getting along famously. I got back to my seat that now looked like a dream of comfort and without talking got to know the rest of the cabin who all now seemed friendly and fun. I know, I was pissed but the cabin was changing. I was pissed. A baby started screaming and crying so I bought the little chap a toy. With this little gesture the carriage seemed to think 'this guy might be alright, sure he's absurdly tall and has curly hair but he makes an effort'. Suddenly Anglo-Chinese lessons were happening and we were singing songs. This cabin was great.

What had happened? I'd thought 'fuck it' and jumped right in. I may have got on the wrong cabin at the beginning of that journey but I left the right one by the end of it.

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