The prank which made my unsuspecting bro levitate By Nate Simmons

I start this story with the absolute disclaimer that I am a loving brother. I really am. It's just that sometimes, in the heat of battle, I haven't always been.

It was a dark stormy night. True, it really was. Anyway I would have been about 16 & my brother about 11 or 12. I'd been away for a week skiing & it seemed like my bro had saved up a week's worth of annoying me to give it to me in one go upon my return to the family home. Being his older brother, I knew that it was my birth right to concoct a plan to save my pride & get him back.

As he was reading in his bedroom I scooted outside & stood outside his room. His curtains were open. So I stood there. In my ski mask. And waited. And waited some more.

It seemed like an eternity before he finally looked up. But when he did, the reaction was worth the wait. Just like those dodgy TV magician shows, he levitated. But for real! Straight up in the air, right off his bed!

It was so, so funny. He raced back in to the family room to scream at Mum & Dad about an intruder. I did to & tried to pretend I didn't know what was going on. I tried my hardest, I really did, but the schoolboy comedy of scaring the crap out of my brother took over & I doubled over laughing. Needless to say my brother was well annoyed at such a brown jock moment & he threw a few swings at me.

I survived the punches, he survived the change of jocks & occasionally, ever so occasionally, I'm game enough to remind him of that dark & stormy night. Cheers bro!

in Bray Park, Queensland, Australia


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