Backstage with the Oils By Nate Simmons

It was 1998 and I'd just came back from the EuroTrip with the lads, post-university. I'd really missed the fair shores of Australia, especially after a long and dreary-weathered European winter. Just before we arrived back, my mates and I received the news that one of the boys back home had managed to arrange (read...scam) us back stage passes to the Midnight Oil gig.

That was dead-set music to our ears. We got back and two nights later were knee deep with the punters in the crowd at the gig. True to his word, our mate had secured the coveted back-stage pass on the magic OILS lanyard. Straight after an awesome concert, we were ushered in by the security to the back stage area. It was just us and the band. And quite a few Crown lagers.

It was truly a great way to return home to Australia and one of my all-time favourite memories of my youth.


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