Brazilian Pegadinha - Out on the town... By Juvencio Santos

When my wife was on holiday she once rang me at home to make sure everything was okay. At this stage, my sister Mari was also staying with us. As I picked up the phone, I thought I'd see whether Maria (my wife) would buy my best impression of Mari.

Here was the dialogue:

Me: Hello

Maria: Hello. Mari?

Me: YES, it's Mari here.

Maria: Ok, hi Mari! Is Juvencio home?

Me: Nooooo, Juvencio went out with some girls to a party a while ago. He hasn't been home for daaaays.

Maria: [DISTRESSED] What? WHAT?! What the HELL is going on?!?!? Mari!!!! Mari!!!!

Me: he he HE HE HE, HA WAHAAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Got you a nice one darling.

in Bom Fim, Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


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