Kenyan Sweaters By Joe Deuce

When I was in college, I had the opportunity to make friends with a variety people. My favorites were the friends I made from the continent of Africa.

One day while speaking to my friend from Kenya, Victor, I learned two things about having African friends. One, Africans are great story tellers. Two, African stories are often completely outrageous and you don't find this out until the end. Victor began his story as all of us leaned in, completely intrigued.

Cue Kenyan accent

"When I was growing up, there was a woman in my village who was pregnant! While she was pregnant she began to have a special craving and began eating the wool from the family sheep. After months, she finally gave birth and when her baby was born, he was wearing a sweater!"

I was in shock. Not only because we had wasted our time listening to this nonsense, but also because Victor adamantly defended the story as being true! I don't believe the story is true. I don't even believe Victor believes the story is true. I know for sure, however, that since that day I have not been able to see an African in a sweater and not laugh!! Side note...African's love wearing sweaters!!

The next time you are with an African and they begin a story, just be aware, you may hear the biggest bit of nonsense you have ever heard or you may hear a great story. Regardless of the outcome, you will forever be influenced by that story!

in Berea, KY, United States


Joe Deuce has been showcased at the Black Box Comedy Festival 2 times, has appeared on "Laugh" on Fox and MyTV stations, and have performed in over 30 states and on more than 70 college campuses.

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