It's my Friday By Evan Hocking

One of my mates spent the whole weekend wearing earmuffs. I asked him on Monday how his weekend was? He said "Pretty quiet".

It's funny what some people do on the weekend but a lot of people don't get a regular weekend because they have to work. Some of these people think they can change the days to suit themselves though. If they have Wednesday off, on Tuesday they say "It's my Friday". I don't think you can do that.

How about, it's everybodies Tuesday but you have tomorrow off. I can't change the days to suit myself. That's how I lost my last job. My boss called me on a Thursday morning at 7.30 going off his head "where are you mate? You're meant to be at work".

I said "get stuffed, it's my Saturday".

in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Got his start in radio in Port Douglas but has bought his punchy delivery and observational style back to Melbourne. A regular at sporting clubs and functions around Victoria.

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