Sleeping Angels - a story and poem of lost angels By Bill Jarrard

Sleeping Angels

It started with science Then they burst into life Expecting one, instead two miracles Twins – surprise, disbelief, and joy Instant love and wonderment

Growing from poppy seed to blueberry From raspberry to prune they grow Then change, concerning prognosis Two identical girls, but different Healthy yes, but now fear creeps in

Growing, one orange, one plum Identical, but not the same Growing, one mango, one orange Twin sisters, one Cherub, one Elfin One thriving, one trying

Decisions are hard, wait and see, week by week Growing, one grapefruit, one sweet potato Now urgent, one to live, one to die Disaster and devastation Twin sisters arrive, both sleeping

Sleeping angels, beautiful and loved By mothers heartbroken, and more Everyone involved, everything done Girls too wonderful for this world Amazing and loving mothers – crying!

For Amelia Mary and little Hanna May, and their beautiful mothers and grandmother

Grandpa Bill (Jarrard) 11th September 2019

in Geelong VIC, Australia


Founder Mindwerx International. Author, professional speaker, corporate trainer in Critical & Creative Thinking and Making Innovation Happen. COO at

Husband, Father, Grandfather

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