"I had the chicken, not the steak..." By Adsy

I’ve recently travelled to Vietnam & while in Ho Chi Minh I thought I would go on a few bus tours. One of the tours saw us stop at a restaurant where we were able to enjoy some lunch.

We all shuffled in & were herded to a seat. As I was travelling alone, I ended up at a table with non-English speaking people, so I was essentially on my own.

I selected the number on the menu I wanted. Sautéed Onion with Chicken. It sounded OK, as I wasn’t up for experimenting too much that day. How wrong was I.

I got my meal & started to eat it. It didn’t really taste like chicken, but I couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong with it, & it still tasted great, so I still ate it.

At the end of my meal the waitress came over & asked excitedly “Did you like snake?”

I thought her English was bad, and, not wanting to offend, just replied “Oh no, I ordered Chicken, not steak. It was pretty good”.

She laughed at me. “No, no, no, not steak, SNAKE” & then mimed a snake with her hand.

Realisation hit me. I gave the wrong menu number!

All in all, the meal didn’t taste too bad.

It wasn’t chicken, & it certainly wasn’t steak.

in Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


Small time gal from a country town. Wait, no that isn't right, but what the hell it's more interesting than anything else I have.

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