I could be Spiderman! By Adsy

I had just moved into my new place with a friend and the building changed the keys to our fire door lock. This wasn’t much of a concern as we both agreed not to lock that one anyway, just the door lock itself. My flatmate had a new key cut for me a few days before, but I was yet to put it on my key ring. This would come back to haunt me. I finished my shift in the bar around 11:30pm and went home. I got to my front door, the fire lock was locked. This was not a good situation. I tried calling her 3 times all with no answer. She was either sleeping or not at home. I posted on Facebook my dilemma. I decided that I could climb up to my second floor unit through the pool area. Apparently, a man dressed in shorts and a shirt, wanting to climb up the side of a building to get into a unit is suspicious. After I had proved I lived in said unit and we all agreed I wouldn’t die climbing the balcony, I resumed my climb up the building. I had hoped that the door I never locked would be my in. Then I remembered that I had reminded myself to lock it that morning. Well done champ! I noticed there was a window I could climb through, however it was not on the balcony, but on the side of the building. I had to go for it. I climbed over the railing, leaned out and grabbed the window frame, clambered inside. No sooner had I landed on the floor in a heap than I got a phone call from my flatmate who was apologising for locking the door and not answering the phone. She saw my Facebook post.

in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Small time gal from a country town. Wait, no that isn't right, but what the hell it's more interesting than anything else I have.

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