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Dialect Kills People

Quite some years back I had round my Sunday lunch table, a young lady just out from South Africa an older man with a very pronounced local accent with other guests....

Mary Webb

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I’m home, I just got home. Home is where the heart is. The heart of the home is the hearth. The Vulcan heater looks at me, dormant and cold....

Libbie Nelson

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I'll Get a Knife

I was living on the worst street in town. I didn't like it. Horrible things would happen in my block of flats....

Andrew Towers

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Bless you! Now, where's the toast?

The night was clear, a light breeze was blowing outside, people were arriving home after work. Everyone went about their evening with no hint of the mystery that was about to unfold in my house....


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I could be Spiderman!

I had just moved into my new place with a friend and the building changed the keys to our fire door lock....


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How Old Are You?

I grew up in the 80’s, with bad fashion, funny music & parents that still smacked you when you were naughty....


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