College/University stories

Drunken Decisions

One ominous night out on the town with my friends turned out to be one I will never forget.

After a few hours at a friend’s place for a pre-drinks...

Kyle Michael Saunders

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New Day

The dawn light crept over the far bank of the Swan River like the terminus – black in front, grey behind, barely changing the quality of the light....

Ted Witham

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Making beds in the army (Jan - Mar 2000)

During the university/college break, I decided to join the army reserves with 4 mates & go through the initial boot camp over our break....

Luke Simmons

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Big Dan (explicit)

Big Dan man. Where do I start. Right, there's this guy, and his name's Big Dan. ...Nah, that's a terrible place to start....

Christopher Jordan

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I Got R*ped... Kinda

I was semi-raped a long, long time ago, at a party in Edinburgh thrown by a buddy of mine, sometime between high-school and college....

Christopher Jordan

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An Old Face

I tried shoving my frail $20 note into the machine that would soon spit out my concession train ticket. Once I did it spat the note out faster than I forced it in. I had to find change somewhere....

Declan (D.)

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