Dinner is served By Sean Bedlam

A single dad raising three boys is an angry household and our bedroom doors had been kicked in so many times by siblings confronting each other over missing comic books and other dramas that they had to be flipped around and re-screwed to the hinges.

Our door weakening behaviour was so chronic that all three doors had been flipped around and reversed a few times to find fresh wood for hinge screws to bite into. Those doors were as fucked as our sibling rivalry.

Our single dad needed to be at home of course, so his mates would come around to drink and hang out, which was cool, because they were all characters. One night I was sitting alone in my room when the door opened suddenly. One of dad's mates was holding a plate of food, so clearly dinner was being served. Room service! That was a nice moment.

Well it was a nice family moment if you ignore that my dad had instructed his mate to take full advantage of the fucked door situation. The door was blown off it's hinges thanks to a well executed flatfoot pushkick and that would have been a lot to take in even if I hadn't been sitting on the edge of the bed doing what teenage boys do about 16 times a day.

I don't remember what was for dinner.

in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


I'm doing a stand up comedy show called Two Bearded Ladies in the 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

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