Tourists getting punk'd in Venice By Luke Simmons

I enjoy being a bystander in amusing situations. One highlight was when I was traveling in Venice.

Throughout this city, the roads are replaced with waterways and there is wage to be made driving water taxis. I spotted a group of skippers that were waiting in the rank for a job and I was interested to find out why they were sniggering and poking each other in the guts. Upon further investigation, I learned that they had decided to amuse themselves during down time by super gluing a nice and shiny €1 coin to the pavement in front of them. All they had to do is prepare their coffee and cigarette and watch the show. I too started giggling when I saw tourist after tourist wage a mental war in their head about whether they should pick it up. Those that lost the battle would usually double back, look around and then swiftly bend down (legs invariably straight) to grab what was rightfully theirs. On first attempt, they’d skim their fingers over the top of the coin and they’d always go for the second attempt. At that point, they would realise they’d be “Punk’d” and the taxi drivers would be struggling to hold their nerve and keep from laughing out loud.

The victims didn’t seem to mind because all they did was return to their duties of taking photos and gawking around as if nothing happened.

in Venice, Italy


I believe that life is a (relatively) short ride and that it's crucial to squeeze as many good times out of it as possible. I love travelling, music, reading, writing, all kinds o' sport, & my wife!

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