The dangers of cliff jumping in Jamaica By Luke Simmons

Warning: The subject of this story has not been named and will have probably already forgotten about the incident.

About two months ago, I visited Rick's Cafe in Jamaica. It's a beautiful cliff top bar overlooking crystal clear waters. It's as close to paradise as you'll get.

One of the big attractions is the 10m (35 feet) diving platform where everyone is allowed to jump off in full view of the bar.

This also provides everyone else with a bit of entertainment because it's a looong way down.

Up to the stage stands, Girl X. Girl X is 20 something years old, very pretty and demonstrating some nervousness before making the leap. Everyone can sense this fear which doubles - and then triples - her audience within moments.

Girl X notices the attention and, against her better judgement, takes the leap. The crowd cheers as she slams into the water below with an unglamorous, BOOM! As the dishevelled looking girl resurfaced, the large crowd's clapping abruptly stops and everyone let out a collective, "Wuoh!".

Floating around her were two fillets from her bikini and a big (mostly) white tampon.

To pour salt into the wound, she had to make a time consuming trek through the water and up the windy stairs to get outta there.

in West End Road, Negril, Westmoreland Parish, Jamaica


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