We missed the bus By Brendan McKenzie

In the hostel I had been staying at for a week or so I got used to various people coming through, some liked to go out partying, some didn't, whatever the case may be everyone was happy there. Myself and another "long-termer" (someone who had been there longer than a couple of nights) had become friends and were used to going out with new groups of people coming through.

One day a group of 3 yanks fresh out of army training school were passing through, so we went out for a heavy night of drinking. During the night we decided that we'd join them on the bus they had booked for Amsterdam the next morning.

Unfortunately one too many beers were had that night and my friend and I didn't manage to get ourselves out of bed the next morning, the yanks (apparently) tried to wake us but we weren't budging. So the next morning I get a note handed to me from the bar tender written by one of the yanks telling us they had to leave without us and to hit them up on Facebook for when they came back through.

Unfortunately I put that in the pocket of my jacket that happened to have a hole in it and I lost their details, we never saw those yanks again. Some friendships just aren't meant to last.

in London, United Kingdom


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