Quiet on set By Violette Flint

If anywhere were like to living inside a film set, Sedona Arizona would be it. The streets colored beige and orange, orangie-beige and beigie-orange. Surrounded by enormous red rocks, which sit on the landscapes if propped there by hidden scaffolding. Pink mini jeeps putter up the streets, adorned by loud advertisements for 'safari tours'- though no one ever seems to be in them. Certainly walking down the street feels like interrupting lights, camera, action; never have I been on the receiving end of so many tight-lipped smiles and, more often than not, grimaces. Tap on any building or structure to find that they are in fact cardboard cut out versions of themselves- nothing is properly constructed from bricks and mortar, rather an endless collection of brittle fiberglass construction. Yet a lot of effort is made to keep Sedona in a perpetual state of hush; taco bell, pizza hut, Starbucks and burger king are all grey- their McDonalds is the only in the country without yellow arches (or so the shuttle driver had proudly pronounced). It is after walking the streets on the third day that you begin to realize that no, this town is not the set of a dusty movie, it is where people go to feel young again at one of the many overpriced health spas. Then as the money runs out so does the youth and suddenly they find themselves instead in one of the many reasonably priced retirement village. Where they then spend their days practicing tight-lipped smiles and grimaces.


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