Shaking and freezing in the Himalayas By Vaivhav Todi

This happened a few months back. I was with a crew from a TV channel who had come to shoot a travel show in Northeast India.

They were traveling in the high Himalayas to capture some of amazing landscapes and culture. This is where I come in, as I was their tour operator and responsible for the smooth functioning of their travel. In return, they had promised me a little feature in the show for my ecotourism company.

We were at 15,000 feet above sea level when this funny and embarrassing episode occurred. The temperatures were well below zero and this is where they decided they wanted to shoot the interview with me. They setup the cameras and started recording the conversation I was having with the host of the show. But I didn't realize that I was literally shaking throughout the recording because of the extreme cold. They even made me have some rum which did not help. It was really embarrassing for me that I was not able to keep myself still, but nevertheless, we all had a good laugh over it. By the end, they decided to go though the interview regardless of whether I was shaking or not.

This month, they eventually aired the show on television, and guess what, they did not show most of the interview. I don't blame them though. I am sure its a good thing that viewers did not see me shaking.

in Arunachal Pradesh, India


Vaivhav is an explorer, mountain lover, a photographer and an amateur writer. He is currently the director of Greener Pastures, an responsible tourism enterprise based in wilds of Northeastern India.

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