The ups and come downs of German markets By Tuppence Maranovna

What could be better than spending the weekend before Christmas in a German Christmas Market town? However, what was looking like being an amazing trip took a significant dip right at the end when I managed to accidentally see a little too much of our German host's mum, singeing a hole in my iris that no amount of strong drink can ever take away.

Despite the fact that it took 12 hours to make it to Aachen in Germany, with a 3 hour stop off in Brussels, and despite the fact that it literally rained the entire weekend, we managed to have a great weekend. Gluwein (the German equivalent of mulled wine) did a lot to keep spirits high as it's sold from pretty much every other beautifully decorated market stall, but there's also a lot of things to see and do in Aachen with it's old world history and connections to the first German Kaiser, Charlemagne.

However, all of the fun drained out of the weekend on the Sunday morning as we were getting ready to leave. After breakfast, we got ready to go and packed our bags. The only thing that I needed was the toiletries from the shower on the second floor. The door was shut, but not locked and there was no light on, so I went in to find the middle aged mother of the house sat on the pot. Grimm! With a hangover in toe, crippling embarrassment and a sick feeling in my stomach I left as soon as possible and tried to forget the worst end to a holiday ever.

in Aachen, Germany


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