The Pheasants By Tony Mihill

When out training the competitors on the TV program Britains Worst Learners, I was in Hampshire teaching a lady who was, shall we say, easily distracted. She wanted to point out where she did her shopping, her favourite bingo hall and even where her husband had a night out with his friends.

After asking her to concentrate a little more, we found ourselves in the countryside. On either side of the road were dry stone walls approximately 7 feet tall. Now, normally this wouldn't be a problem, but a family of pheasants were in the road having a mid morning stroll. The closer we got the quicker they ran until we got within about 50 feet and the lady driving decided to start shouting "we're going to kill them".

Knowing that pheasant could fly I told her to keep going, she gripped the wheel tighter and tighter. Now knowing she was getting stressed I expected her to brake hard in the middle of the road. What I didn't expect her to was exactly what she did, put both hands over her eyes and start screaming they're dead aren't they, over and over.

I grabbed the wheel and bought the car to a stop, we also had to stop off at the next conveniences.

in Hampshire, England, United Kingdom


Owner of A Pass 4 U Driving School.

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