Stuck in a Fjord By Tony Mihill

A couple of years back I took pupil down a back road, we got a puncture and as a tyre place was only a mile away we decided to carry on to it. The tyre was pretty knackered anyway.

The route included going through a fjord...

We get to it, and it looks a bit deep but its passable. My student begins to question it, but I say it's fine just go slow and keep revs high. Halfway through she just stops. Water starts to seep in. The car stalls and now it won't start, so I try to bump it out on the starter motor, until it starts smoking and then goes flat.

She screams and stands on seat, I get out and more water pours in. I try to push the car out, it's stuck, so then I have to ask her for help. So now we are both up to our knees in the river and push, it begins to move again until we get to an incline. The car won't go any further because of the puncture!

An hour later she got dad to pick her up and I'm being towed out by AA. 1 week later the car finally dried out. New starter motor and air filter. AA repairman said if there was no major engine damage then I should buy a lottery ticket, so I did, and won a tenner!

She passed her driving test too!

in Essex, United Kingdom


Owner of A Pass 4 U Driving School.

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