The Green Card Game: I Married an African Physician By Tina Webster, M.S.

“You do NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH A NIGERIAN MAN! They are NOT capable of loving even themselves. They can't help it” This is a post quote from, Kanwulia, in response to the introduction video The Green Card Game: I Married An African Physician


The first time I heard, “I married you for my convenience,” I did not understand the sentiment behind such a harsh statement. Over time, I began to grasp the true meaning. For instance; out of twelve years, he never once picked me up from the airport. I had to use a town car service. I was too embarrassed to continue asking friends, family, and staff.


When he told me white women were “better” I thought it was the ultimate betrayal, then he told me he should have married a white woman. Later he showed me just how manipulative, deceitful, and fraudulent his roots could touch me, then I knew why he did not marry a White Woman.


An INS Agent called, "Are you aware of the meeting you were suppose to attend today"? With a slow response, “I think so.” What I learned later was more profound than a simple meeting. This was the final interview for determining citizenship. Later he introduced me to GBI.

I wanted to believe that an African could need a Green Card, but truly marry for love. I wanted to believe that a person in need of a Green Card did not automatically equate to a fraudulent marriage. I wanted to believe in our love for one another. I WAS WRONG

in Atlanta, GA


I love the world of online publishing. "You can either be 40 with a degree or without a degree. Don't worry about time. If you are living you will get to 40-Now you choose how you want to live

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