Travelling with Dad By Tina Gale

After Mum passed away we invited Dad (aged 85) to join us on our annual trip to Bali. He and Mum had visited Bali a few times, but more resort style. We had been invited by one of our hotel drivers to travel to Banguwangi, Java with him. We decided getting out of our comfort zone was a good thing, and although appreciative of the kind offer, we did want to stay in a hotel nearby his family, not the family home. We found a hotel and our suite rooms were gigantic although poorly decorated. The hotel was large and next morning our breakfast was delivered by a waiter with our tray on his left hand and his right hand steering the motor bike! Javanese are mostly Moslem and It as during Ramadan so although the family didnt eat after sunrise and before sunset, they provided us with delicious treats at lunchtime. They watched as we ate, a bit embarrassing for us. Dad firstly concerned me when he gave one of the motor bikes a blast down the unmade road outside the family home, but even more so when he rode the second down the same track. He came back safely. How would I have explained.... We visited a large fish market and an older lady waved Dad to the back of the fish stand, offering her daughter to Dad for good time! Fortunately Dad turned down the offer, but talk about a bang for your buck, I have no idea where or when the event could have taken place.


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