Chased by the bank teller By Tina Gale

Dad and I spent 10 days in Bali together, touring the island. I enjoy driving in Bali so we headed off along the south coast, through Candi Dasa to the east, stayed at Tembok, up the east coast to the mid north, Kalibukbuk, then back into the centre, Ubud and returned to Legian. What an adventure!

We stayed a few nights out and I had great difficulty explaining that it was imperative that we had twin beds or even two rooms. No we wouldn’t share a double. I love my Dad, but....

We stopped at a bank up the east coast for Dad to change some of his currency into Rupiah. I stayed in the car as he attended to the task on his own. He took ages and I saw a group of 5 or 6 bank employees leave the bank and climb aboard a vehicle and head north.

Dad eventually returned with his local currency and we continued on our journey. He explained that all bank employees in the bank gathered around and were impressed with the Australian currency. They don't see much of it in their area.

I asked him what rate he got for the exchange and he didn’t know, nor particularly cared, so I asked how many Rp did he get for his exchange. I was terribly confused as to the rate he had been given. Way to high in my opinion. Oh well we were way out of the tourist area, whatever!

Next a motor bike came up quickly from behind and flagged us down. I thought surely not a time share seller in this remote area. Nope, it was the bank teller who had paid Dad too much and needed to take some back!

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