Buy me a Red can please By Tina Gale

It was another really hot day on the road so we checked into the Crossing Inn Caravan park.

Late afternoon we wandered down to the Inn and were a little caught off guard initially as 90% of the patrons were indigenous. All the same, we found a table and sat down, then order two beers.

A guy called Simon sidled up to us and wanted to chat. I asked then took some photos of his interesting face. He told me many times, I 'shud maka documentary, make lots of money'. Next round he asked if we'd buy him a red can (full strength) please. We did and he rambled on more about the same thing. He was having a repetitious day.

Leanne, also known as Janet sidled in with her beer and made a little more sense. Simon wasn't pleased so he and Leanne 'spat' at each other, near on claiming ownership. Simon from then on referred to me as his Auntie.

Next beer Simon asked again but instead I gave him my half can of mid strength, better than nothing!

Philip joined us to talk about his paintings and showed us a sample. The bouncer came over to hover and check that he wasn't annoying us. After negotiating I bought the painting and Philip had a lot more beer money.

I took photos of Leanne and Philip and Leanne was very impressed with hers and the ones of her and I cuddled close. Leanne wants me to send her prints which I will do.

As we left I gave Simon half my can and Leanne the remainder in my glass. They were very pleased.

Talk about getting out of your comfort zone but then thoroughly enjoying the experience!

in Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia, Australia


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