People are strange By Taylor Faith

I started a new job 5 years ago. I met a big colourful woman at my work shortly after I started. She was wild. In spirit and appearance. A good 25 years my senior, there was no attraction physically (on my part anyway) but I liked her a lot almost instantly. We talked every couple of days. Our conversations breezed effortlessly from the trivial to the serious. I didn't work closely with her, instead would have to make excuses to visit her office where we'd talk about music or booze or drugs or travel. Even politics. She was cool. I knew also that she was crazy. She had a look in her eye. She sweated a lot and I'd heard stories about her when she was drunk. "She goes nuts" people would say. Anyway she didn't have any kids and never would so I guess she kind of saw me as the son she never had. We were, without any doubt, friends. One night she turned up at my house uninvited and extremely inebriated. She'd driven a few miles to get from her place to mine and could have killed herself or someone else. She knocked loudly at my door and I couldn't ignore it. I let her in. She swore a lot. She blundered around my flat for around an hour as my plea's for her to leave fell on deaf, hooped earinged ears. Soon she began throwing things. Never in my life have I seen a human so out of control. I left. I called the police. They came and asked her to leave. She assaulted one of the officers. She got arrested. She called me a cunt as she was dragged away. Never saw her again. Fucked up.

in Scotland, United Kingdom


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