The time a shaman spat in my face By Tammy on the move

I was in the deepest Ecuadorian Amazon spending some time with a few locals, as I was approached by a villager asking if I wanted to see their shaman. A shamn is a medicine man who claims that he can heal all illnesses (including cancer) and cleanse peoples' bodies that have been taken over by evil spirits. It can't hurt and might be quite a fun experience I thought to myself, so I followed the villager to the shamn's hut.

The shaman was an impressive looking man and he offered to do a cleansing ritual as he sensed some bad spirits inside me. Quite the salesman, but I felt in good hands, so gave it a go. He started his ritual by cleansing my aura with some kind of herbal branches, chanting and singing along the way. He then lit a cigarette (as you do), leaned over and started blowing the smoke on the top of my head (what felt like into my head). It was all good fun up until then, but then he took out a bottle of very strong alcohol and had a sip off it. He was basically having a jolly with his fag and alcohol I thought to myself until this happened: HE SPAT INTO MY FACE. I was so shocked that I didn’t know what to say or do. This time on top of my head. Apparently he saw the evil spirit trying to get back into my body and so he used the alcohol to prevent that from happening. Yeah right! I wasn't convinced to be honest. However when I looked at the photos afterwards I did see a weird black shadow above my head, which I couldn't explain. Maybe he was right after all...

in Amazonas, Ecuador


Tammy is one half of Tammy & Chris on the move, a travel blog about leaving the rat race in London behind to travel, volunteer and work abroad. They left in 2011 and have never looked back since.

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