Everyone's twin is in China By Tamara Simmons

Ok so, I arrived in Beijing after flying over the NSW fires which was mega cool to see from that kind of height. I arrived to find Erin in a sea if black headed people and boy did I feel alien with blonde hair blue eyes. We checked into our Beijing dodgy budget room and I parented to Erin with Tim Tam's, BBQ shapes and some other good Aussie snacks. It had been a while for Erin. China only eats Chinese food and it becomes a little dull after a while I guess. Anyway, I soon found no one in 1997 spoke any English and I quickly attached to Erin's back pocket. She spoke for me everywhere. Tickets, food, hotels, walking down some of the amazing little spots we found in Suzhou and Hungzhou were out of this world. For example, the Chinese pilgrims walking up a hill to go to the temples of Buddha were crazy. Anyway, Erin and I were chatting about one if her ex boyfriends I had hung out with with her only about 6 months before she left to live and study in Tianjin. So while we were in Hungzhou walking about, we saw this young Chinese guy riding a motorcycle like Cam (her ex) used to and he was a spitting image of him - I swear like identical. So Erin sat and chatted with him and found they had a bit in common like she did with Cam. I got back to Beijing and had to go for a walk by myself. So I walked down the street and swear I was going to tap this guy on the shoulder and say "Brett Alexanderello what are you doing her?" It wasn't Brett at all, he was a Chinese guy. I guess everyone's twin is in China.

in Beijing, China


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