Looking out for Bandits in Bangladesh By Supriya Tamang

I remember that stretch of road; that long, dark, scary and deserted road which took us from Chittagong to Cox bazaar. There was nothing particularly wrong with it, it was night-time, we travelling in the highway, so the road was bound to be as such. The only problem? Our driver. He had this stupid idea of scaring all of us with a bandit story. Why? Because according to him, that was funny!

So, here’s what happened. After we missed our train to Chittagong due to heavy traffic, read: Stuck in the jam for nearly six hours, we decided to take a jeep. Tired from all that travelling I dozed off, only to wake up in the middle of the night to find all of my friends huddled together, white as a sheet!

“Supriya! He said we could be attacked by bandits! BANDITS!!!” screamed one. I gave a sarcastic look our driver, to which he replied, “I’m not lying! We do have bandits here and they hide behind the trees, waiting to attack. MHWAHAHAHAHA!!” Okay, the laugh was certainly a bit exaggerated, but I swear, he did smirk. That did it for me, I joined the rest of my friends and we spent the entire trip huddled in a corner, taking turns to look out for bandits and praying as well, only to find out in the morning that this all was a stupid little prank!!

Looking back at it, it was a funny experience. But, I’ never want to be in a Bandit look out ever again. EVER.

in The Chittagong to Cox Bazaar road.


I'm a traveler;I travel through the unexplored terrains of my mind and the broken roads of my failures,in search of “passion”. Also a self acclaimed writer,I write for myself and for PVpixels as well.

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