The World Has Cancer! A TRUE STORY By Stu Pop Fisher

Doc: Hello Mr Earth. Thanks for coming. Got your results back. It's not good I'm afraid... You have Cancer!

Earth: Oh God! Really?

Doc: I'm Afraid So!

Earth: Where?

Doc: Everywhere.

Earth: How did this happen? What can I do about it?

Doc: Technically you can't do anything! Your Planet body is doing it's best to fight the cancer with elements we call Natural Disasters, Extreme Temperatures, Huge Storm cells, but there's not much we can do... Unless...

Earth: Unless what? I'll do anything!

Doc: Well it's an unusual type of cancer. In the past there has been treatments that have had limited success.

Earth: Like what? Is it something out of Europe?

Doc: It's... Reason Therapy!

Earth: Reason Therapy? What's That?

Doc: We have to Reason with the Cancer. Get it to see that what it's doing in your planet body is not just affecting you, but it will ultimately kill the Cancer.

Earth: But don't we want that?

Doc: Normally Yes, But these types of Cancer Cells can Change. They can ultimately work WITH your Planet Body and help it to grow harmoniously and with love.

Earth: Wow that's incredible. So what do we have to do?

Doc: We need to tell every Cancer Cell we can that it's Hurting you. We need to get every cancer cell to see that if you die.. So do they! And when we change enough of them, the rest will start to change to!

Earth: And If We Don't?

Doc: Then we ALL lose!


STu Fisher: Comedian Singer Actor EmCee Lover fighter pilot giant killer academy award winner top selling author masterchef winner Liar!

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