The funny thing about laughing By Stu Pop Fisher

I love U2, but you need to see the first one to understand the plot.

Did you laugh? No? Well that’s a shame. Because it’s been proven that Laughing has amazing benefits that cover all facets of physical & mental health. It even helps improve your immune system!

The best part? You still get the benefits EVEN IF YOU FAKE IT! So try again!

I thought I was watching “Embarrassing Bodies” on TV; it turns out I was looking in a full length Mirror!

How about now? What makes us laugh may be subjective, laughing is beneficial to all regardless of culture, colour or religion.

We get so wound up & believe an idea can hurt us! Words will never hurt you unless we let them, and for all the tragedy that befalls us, the only thing we truly have going for us, is our ability to laugh at ourselves. Youth comes & goes, as does strength, & while we can lose our mind, we’re not going to notice because we’ll be NUTS!

So where does that leave us? Oh right! Laughing! Here are just some of the things it has been proven to do: Relieve stress, increase blood flow, workout large muscle groups, lower blood pressure, break down social barriers & just make us feel good. & as I mentioned; all of this is yours even if you PRETEND!

So find something that makes you laugh. Go to a comedy night, watch some funny youtube or just think about the Queen, farting during the Christmas Mesage. “My Husband paaarrp & I”

When the day gets too much; Remember why the chicken crossed the road!

in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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