Taking the Shine of Glossophobia : (Fear of public speaking) : Why Everyone Should Try Stand Up Comedy By Stu Pop Fisher

What if they don’t like me? what if they reject me? what if they boo? What if turning up in PJ’s isn’t a Dream?

There are many “strategies” to dealing with this crippling fear, such as, imagining your audience naked. However, often, these strategies aren’t affective. (I’ll never be invited back to speak at the Playboy Mansion again).

It’s only when you look towards the BENEFITS of speaking in public that you’ll see past the fear, and tackle it head on.

Speaking in public gives you instant feedback about your ideas, you'll be viewed as more a leader, you gain trust & potentially do something Great. All because you dared to be heard. Throw a laugh or two into the mix, all of these benefits have increase 10 fold.

Performing Stand-Up Comedy is one of the easiest art forms to enter into. Unlike Acting, it’s easy to jump on stage with just your wit, & unlike music, you don’t need to lug around heaps of gear.

Committing to try and be funny on stage forces you to look at a number of critical things:
* The simplest way to get my message across?
* Who's the audience/client/etc?
* How to target your message?
* Give you a plan of attack for messages to be most effective.

But mostly; Once you face the biggest fear, you’ll realise that you can accomplish ANYTHING!

Fear is nothing! Fear doesn’t hurt you. Fear only controls you if you let it.

So What if you are in PJ's? Know that you are the most comfortably dressed person in the room!

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