Price goes up, Bank Balance Goes Down, Price Goes Up.... By Stu Pop Fisher

I'm heading up to Toowoomba tonight for a great little comedy gig, and looking at the gauge, realised I needed to grab petrol.

When you know you need it, you look for a good deal, and saw a Price that said $1.33/L. Actually what it said was:


But I have become SO GOOD at decoding these stupid marketing LIES That I understand that it means: add on another 8 cents without a discount docket (used to be 4) and that "point 9" B.S. isn't making me think I'm getting change out of a thousand bucks so I'll round it up thank you!

So I knew it was $1.33 / L... I do remember paying 50 c/L once,... IN MY DAY.. blah blah...

Anyway; I bought the Petrol and the chap at the register said...

CHAP: "You got in just in time, I just got a phone call to raise the price."

ME: "What to?"

CHAP: "$1.53 - an extra 20 cents"

Now I'm happy I beat the price rise BUT, I like to think I have a voice for the people... or at least a loud voice so I almost yelled:

ME: "What the f**k JUST HAPPENED in the middle east to justify THAT! And are we using petrol that JUST GOT HERE? Or did you already have it in your tank when it was $1.33?" (124.9)

There was a slight chuckle behind me and to his credit, while not looking happy, the chap behind the counter simply smirked and said

CHAP: "Have a nice day!"

No... No I won't... I can't afford to at these prices!

in Brisbane


STu Fisher: Comedian Singer Actor EmCee Lover fighter pilot giant killer academy award winner top selling author masterchef winner Liar!

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