My Name is Stu... And I'm a Pub Trivia Host By Stu Pop Fisher

For the last 5 years or so I've hosted Pub Trivia around SE QLD, & I really enjoy it. For the last 3 years or so I've written almost all of the questions I use myself.

I've even been on Millionaire Hot Seat as a contestant. Not that much happened other then me making a bit of a dick of myself, and that was BEFORE I danced the SPRINKLER while hoping out of the studio on Camera! (a story for another time) Before the Harlem Shake!

Anyway... If I had to say ONE thing about what I've learnt while hosting trivia, it's not that the '100 year war' lasted 116 years (I mean come on, who names these things), and it's not even that the collective Noun for Cheetahs is a Coalition (Ain't that the truth political watchers? By way, the collective noun for Moles is LABOUR. & therefore; The head Mole will be?)

What I have learnt is that sometimes, just sometimes, people are so anal that furniture sucks up there arse when they sit down!

I've been threatened physically 4 times while hosting Pub Trivia. From people who were so sure that I was wrong and they were right and that alcohol is a great substitue for a personality. I bet that never happened to Eddie Maquire.. Pity.

One time, A gent, who didn't like my answer came up, while I was hosting and offered to 'take me out to the car park to talk about it'- His team apologised for his behaviour saying 'he's one quarter viking, that's why he's angry'!

WTF? It's a game!

I'm one half vet; but I wouldn't let me near your cat!

in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


STu Fisher: Comedian Singer Actor EmCee Lover fighter pilot giant killer academy award winner top selling author masterchef winner Liar!

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