Genetics doesn't pass on professionally! By Stu Pop Fisher

My Father's a Vet!

All my life I've been lucky to see some cool things in the animal world because dad's a Vet. We had all sort of animals in his Vet Hospital including; Snakes, Exotic Birds, a Koala or two, and Even a Tiger Cub. (from a nearby traveling circus). All up, I've been pretty lucky.

One thing continues to amaze me, however, is that for some reason, people think that Info gained in 6 years spent at University and nearly 30 years he had in practice before I was born is genetic; It's NOT!

E.G. While I was at University, I used to tutor Maths, I was studying to be an engineer; it seemed a decent way to make some cash, but one mother would ALWAYS ask me questions I couldn't answer!

Mother: Hey Stuart, Your Dad's a vet right?

Stu : Yeh?

Mother: Is my Cat Pregnant?

How the hell would I know? I didn't screw it, & if I did I certainly would have used a condom. The plain fact is: My Dads knowledge of Vet Science did not pass along in his sperm. Fortunately neither did his personality.

I answered this in the only, non-violent way I could think of:

Stu : What did/does your father do?

Mother: Plumber?

Stu : So Can you come round and fix my leaky toilet?

Mother: No!

Stu : TA DAH!

She still didn't get it!

I still get the occasional request. So I decided to learn some vet skills. So next person to ask anything about if I can help with their pet; get's their temperature taken.


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