Always Follow Your Mother's Advice By

We had only been back at my parents' place a couple of days after our annual summer journey from our home in Wuhan, China to Canada. My folks have been married for over sixty years, unlike their three kids, who are three for three when it comes to divorce. How we all ended up with dysfunctional relationships is anyone's guess but little did I know that I was about to find out one of the secrets of a long-lasting relationship.

My younger brother, who we all thought would be the first, ended up being the last to untie the knot. As we sat discussing this latest family breakup, the subject of sex and marriage entered the conversation, despite the fact that my mother is in her eighties. I believe to this day that her position as a university book-store manager during the sixties resulted in her being a little more liberal than most others of her age!

Anyway, as we sat in anticipation of the next words of wisdom to leave her mouth, she said with total seriousness,"Well, if you are not having sex at least twice a week, you shouldn't be married!".

Uh..TMI, TMI! I quickly tried to erase the images that flashed through my mind. To this day, I'm not sure if my mom was providing advice to us or commenting on her own exciting lifestyle! If it was the latter, all the power to her (and him)!

As for my me, suffice it to say that I am married again (third time's the charm) and about to celebrate our tenth anniversary together. We do our best to follow my mother's advice!

in Canada


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