Shot in the neck By Ronan Hughes

One of my friends in particular is quite the asshole. The kind of person who makes a fool of himself and is still miraculously one of the most popular people you know. Do to the nature of this rant and overall story I will just call him "N/A".

One fine day in march n/a and I were fooling around with a BB gun in my driveway. We took turns shooting targets and trees and things like that. Everything seemed fine until n/a pointed the gun towards me. N/A was just doing this in a joking manor but he was unpredictable and could turn from good to batshit insane. I started slowly backing away to emphasize that I was nervous.

He cocked the gun. What turned into simply just backing away turned into a full speed run for the door. I had almost reached safety when a sharp pain shot through my neck I screamed in pain and fell to the ground.

"You bastard you shot me" I screamed at him. N/A burst into laughter and screamed "BOOM HEADSHOT" at the top of his lungs.

"STOP LAUGHING what the hell is wrong with you" I yelled.

N/A continued laughing.

I then made one of the stupidest moves of my young life and tried to grab the gun. I had a pretty good grip on it but I realized it was pointing towards my chest.

A searing paint rocketed through my torso.

Comments and critiques are appreciated.

in Long Island, Southampton, NY, United States


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