On Pocketbacks By Ronan Hughes

So being at the age where I still attend school I have noticed a trend spreading like the bubonic plague rapidly through my school. It is called a Pocketback.

The first time I saw one of these brightly colored little fuckers it confused me greatly. A bunch of girls were snorting a weird looking purell like substance like it was a handful of cocaine.

I later learned that these things were called Pocketbacks. They are these different smelling hand sanitizers that look like if a highlighter fucked all the different colors of skittles.

The situation got stranger when one of the teachers claimed he was allergic to them. Just don't question it I don't even know if thats even fucking possible but he claimed its true.

Now the whole school is acting like its some sort of drug. So the fad is mostly dead but every now and then you can catch a girl inhaling the weird ass stuff with a name like "spring jubilee" or "summer romance".

Comments and critiques are appreciated


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