Christmas By Ronan Hughes

So when I was in the third grade my parents had signed me up for Kumon the little tutoring place for kids who suck at math so burned out 40 year old men throw worksheets at them till they quit their bitching. Anyway it was christmas morning I had just unwrapped my gifts and had started playing with them until my parents said I needed to finish my Kumon worksheets.

I threw the biggest fucking tantrum imaginable. After about five minutes of my relatives contemplating suicide my grandma took a fucking stand. If you know anything about me (which is very unlikely unless your a fucking stalker) then you know i'm half asian and if you know anything about asians they will turn even the strongest men into crying little pussies.

My grandma's face turned red as she ran right at me and starting screaming in a high pitched mixture of asian swears and death threats. I ran under the table as Asia's version of the mother fucking incredible hulk scared the living shit out of me.

In short I cried like a little pussy finished my worksheet and ran up to my room reduced to a crying little bitch.

The moral of this story DON'T FUCK WITH ASIANS


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