Burnout pt 2 By Ronan Hughes

The day the acceptance letter came was about to hit everyone like a speeding train. The weeks leading up had kids losing sleep and breaking down. Though when the day came it was unlike anything I had ever felt before a rollercoaster of emotions throwing everyone up and down. People supposedly finding out early people throwing fits and bragging on social media it was a madhouse. When I arrived home the letter came white and plain as if it could be the bill or a weekly newsletter rather than a kids fate. I remember opening it and reading it over a good 30 times before it clicked. I was not going to a specialized school or Beacon I was going to the fifth choice on my list. I don't recall the first emotion I felt be it anger or sadness all I could see clearly was the letter. The aftermath of the situation left me drained of emotion for the first few hours. I looked for a scapegoat someone to blame. "The schools of course or no the admission process maybe my parents" deep down I and everyone else who didn't like the words on their letters could blame all they wanted but deep down I think we knew that our downfall was by our own hand. I had lost a lot this year my confidence my friends and my future but in the end nothing matters as long as you get a grip before you hit rock bottom and even then life still goes on. Make the best of everything you can and don't slack off there is no peace in shitting away what time we have so do something that will benefit you better in the future.

in New York, NY, United States


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